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First of all, we have over 50 participating communities for this year's Button Up Vermont campaign, which is fabulous but also means more folks than ever before are eligible to sign up for a Free Home Energy Visit through Efficiency Vermont. There are total of 500 of these visits available throughout the state, and depending on where you live the dates you can sign up for are different.

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Free Home Visit FAQs

Q: What is a Home Energy Visit?
A: A Home Energy Visit is a personalized visit from an Efficiency Vermont staff member who will identify opportunities to save energy in your home. Our energy experts will walk through your home to evaluate the insulation, heating, water heating, windows, doors, and other areas of your home to help you prioritize improvements they identify. They will also help connect you with local contractors who can complete the recommended energy upgrades and get money back for doing the work. Participants will also receive a $200 appliance coupon.

Q: How do I schedule a free home energy visit as a part of the Button Up campaign? (homeowner)
A: If you attend a Button Up Vermont event in your town you can sign up for a Free Home Energy Visit AND we will have a self-scheduling tool where you can pick the date and time you want the Energy Consultant to come to your home! If you cannot attend an event, please call Customer Support at 888-921-5990 or fill out the contact us form online at the Efficiency Vermont webpage.

Q: I don’t think I need a free home energy visit, I just want to get some projects done, what should I do?
A: That’s great, you are ready to dive into some potential projects. Go ahead and call our Customer Support team at 888-921-5990, or check out the “Find a Contractor or Retailer” page on the Efficiency Vermont web site.

Q: If customer is in a small town just outside a larger town that is participating, is there any flexibility for them to join in?
A: Yes there is! If you go to a Button Up Vermont event in a neighboring town you are welcome to sign up for a free home energy visit. Additionally we are happy to see towns join forces and host events together, so if you see an event happening you think your town residents would also want to join reach out to Becca White at Efficiency Vermont at 802-734-3227 or bwhite@veic.org. She is happy to coordinate with you!

Are you a participating community?

See the resources and assets we have available to make your Button Up Vermont campaign a success!

What is Button Up Vermont?

Button Up Vermont is a statewide effort to cut energy needed for heating and cooling. We clean up our roads and parks in the spring on Green Up Day to get ready for the summer. The steps we take for Button Up Season get us ready for the winter and help us meet our state renewable energy goals.

Why it matters

There are two reasons why adding button up items to your checklist this season are worth your time: climate change and cash in your pocket.

  1. Our climate is changing. That means more intense storms like Irene, unpredictable sugaring seasons, and new health challenges could be around the bend. Check out the full scope of what we face at Vermont's new climate dashboard. To lead the way for the rest of the country, Vermont has aggressive goals to reduce the amount of energy we use. But we're behind. To get there, we all need to take small and big steps to cut the energy we use, at home, at businesses, at places we volunteer. We can do this. We just need you on board.
  2. The great part about reducing the energy we use is that we stop wasting money. That's more money to spend on goods and services at home rather than paying for gas or oil from out of state. Energy independence can lead to stable families and a stronger Vermont. Time to button up.


Send us an email at info@buttonupvermont.org

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