Let’s “Button Up” Vermont!

Many Vermonters waste heat — and a ton of money — because our homes and businesses aren’t properly weatherized. As Governor Shumlin explains

“Vermonters spend hundreds of millions of dollars every single year by letting oil and fossil fuel driven heat leak out of our old buildings, forcing us to reach into our pockets to pay for oil at high prices, where, if we just used less, had more efficient buildings, we’d save those dollars,” said Governor Shumlin in a statement about last year’s Button Up Vermont Day of Action. “There are two reasons why Button Up Vermont is so important and why we need your help. First, it puts money in your pockets. Second it makes our planet more livable for future generations.”

Watch Governor Shumlin explain the value of Buttoning Up, before last year’s November 1st Day of Action:

Buttoning Up Vermont’s homes and buildings saves money, creates jobs and reduces pollution. That’s why we are once-again organizing a statewide day of action — The first Saturday every November — to help Vermonters “Button Up” in the fall, just like we “Green Up” every spring. We aim to help Vermonters stop wasting heat — and money — and start a fun, annual tradition.

Check out the Day of Action Events to find out what’s happening near you, and learn more about what you can do in your own community or your own home!

To keep up with Button Up “like” Button Up Vermont on Facebook button Facebook and visit www.vecan.net to learn about the Vermont Energy Committee Action Network or contact Johanna Miller at jmiller@vnrc.org or 802-223-2328 ext. 112.


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