Let’s “Button Up” Vermont!

Many Vermonters waste heat — and a ton of money — because our homes and businesses aren’t properly weatherized. As Governor Shumlin explains

“Vermonters spend hundreds of millions of dollars every single year by letting oil and fossil fuel driven heat leak out of our old buildings, forcing us to reach into our pockets to pay for oil at high prices, where, if we just used less, had more efficient buildings, we’d save those dollars,” said Governor Shumlin in a statement about last year’s Button Up Vermont Day of Action. “There are two reasons why Button Up Vermont is so important and why we need your help. First, it puts money in your pockets. Second it makes our planet more livable for future generations.”

To illustrate this message, Capstone Community Action ran a Button Up Video Contest this past fall. We received two dozen entries and 11-year old Henry Putney from Manchester, Vermont earned the top honor of “People’s Choice.” Putney plays 7 different characters in his humorous self-produced entry “What Do You Do If You’re Cold?” The 2-minute story placed first in November’s national online voting competition and can be viewed below.

Putney is a 6th grader at Manchester Elementary Middle School and he created his movie with a laptop provided by the school. This is the first contest he’s ever entered and he says he was motivated by the challenge of creating a video that would entertain and inform. The award earned him a $300 cash prize.

Putney was awarded Most Humorous for 8th Grade and Younger in the qualifying round to capture a Finalist spot. The complete list of finalists is here.

Capstone sponsored the contest to inspire Vermonters to take action to lower their heating costs and do something positive for the planet. Eleven finalists, in different age groups, developed clever, artistic, and highly original looks at the theme of buttoning up our homes to make them cozier, save energy dollars, and fight climate change. Many of the entries can be viewed on the Button Up Vermont You Tube channel.

Henry was the guest on WCAX-TV :30 show. Watch it here.
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To keep up with Button Up “like” Button Up Vermont on Facebook button Facebook and visit www.vecan.net to learn about the Vermont Energy Committee Action Network or contact Johanna Miller at jmiller@vnrc.org or 802-223-2328 ext. 112.


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