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If you're hosting multiple events, create a new event for each one.
E.g., 08/22/2019
E.g., 11:30am
Where should people meet up for the event? Write the address in this format (location name, address) so that it can land on the map: City Offices, 222 Main Street, Newport, Vermont

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What are you planning to do? Provide a short description that will make people want to come. If you're hosting the workshop we're offering, we can provide a description for you.
Advertising Assistance
If you would like us to place an ad for you in your local newspaper, tell us which paper would be ideal? We'll do our best to advertise for your event if we have enough lead time and budget remaining.
If you would like postcards to send to town residents, let us know how many you'd like. We can also discuss if we have budget remaining to chip in for postage. They'll have a generic Button Up message on the front and the back will be blank, allowing you to write your invitation.

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