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Help your neighbors use less energy to heat and cool their homes.



Thank you for spreading the word about opportunities to save money and stay cozy. You're building energy security in Vermont and working toward meeting our emissions goals.

Vermonters are most likely to prioritize a Button Up project when they hear about it from their neighbors. You can share both the opportunity to start saving immediately with a DIY project, and the value of a whole home weatherization project.

Here are some suggestions:

Post to Front Porch Forum

Below is a sample post you could adapt for Front Porch Forum. You could also post details about specific upcoming events.

Sample Title: Button Up, Vermont!

Sample Post:

When you weatherize your home, you’re making a savvy investment that will pay off in comfort and savings for years to come. You could save hundreds of dollars each year after a full home weatherization project, and there are low- and no-interest loans available. Plus plenty of DIY projects you can start on right now. Get them all at

Sample Title: Make your home more cozy this winter

Sample Post:

Button Up season is here and there are free, online events to help you identify what energy-related projects are best for your home. You can find them at

Post to social media

Throughout the campaign, we'll be posting content on the Button Up Facebook page. You can share it with your friends. Who do you know in your community who has a lot of followers? Would they share it if you asked?

Sample social media post with details on specific upcoming events:

Weatherization Wednesday is coming up! This week’s topic is ___________.
Register now at www._____


Weatherization Wednesday is coming up! This week’s topic is Financing Your Project.
Register now:


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Put up posters

If there's a good spot to put up a poster in your town, consider printing these and posting them.

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Community leaders are the heart of Button Up Vermont, helping your neighbors have more comfortable, healthy homes, and reduce their carbon footprint. We hope you'll join us. Contact us to learn more.