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We'll help you reach your neighbors

Vermonters are most likley to prioritize a Button Up project when they hear about it from their neighbors. You can share both the opportunity to start saving immediately with a DIY project, and the value of a whole home weatherization project. Thanks for spreading the opportunities to save money and stay cozy. You're building energy security in Vermont and working toward meeting our emissions goals.

Here is some content and suggestions to make an impact...

Get your community influencers on board

Who are the trusted people in your community? Would they be willing to recommend weatherization as a way of increasing energy independence and keeping more money local? Reach out to people who might be willing to share about these opportunities through Front Porch Forum, an email list they manage, or some other way they have of connecting with neighbors. We can help you craft messages if you don't see what you need on this page. Just let us know what you're looking for.

Partner with iconic local businesses

Do you have a general store or another business in town that people regularly frequent? We can create a Facebook ad targeted to your community that suggests something fun you might buy with your savings after a weatherization project, like a daily maple creemee. We'll run the ad and you can check with the business owners to see if they'll share it with their followers too. If you have other ideas of partnering with local organizations to reach a broader audience and need our help, let us know.

Post to Front Porch Forum

If you have a Front Porch Forum, share the opportunities. Below is a sample post you could adapt and post each month. You could also post details about specific upcoming events. Ideally, several people in the community could be posting about the benefits of weatherization to help people feel like there's a lot of buzz here. Do you know enough people who could post something unique about weatherization several times each month? If you have the people but need help with content, let us know.

Sample Title: Button Up Vermont; You’re Certain To Save

Sample Post:

A lot of things are uncertain right now. Weatherization isn’t one of them. When you weatherize your home, you’re making a savvy investment that will pay off in comfort and savings for years to come.

Plus, more of your money stays in [town name], putting local contractors to work. Most Vermonters save hundreds of dollars each year after a full home weatherization project, putting even more money in your pocket that you can use to support local businesses.

There are low interest loans to help get you on your way. And plenty of DIY projects you can start on right now. Get them all at

Sample Title: Help Vermonters Save Money and Stay Cozy

Sample Post:

Do you have a little warmth to share? Help your neighbors weatherize their homes by making a contribution to the Button Up Vermont Share the Warmth Campaign at

Your gift lowers utility bills for low income neighbors who need the help, puts contractors to work, helps us meet our emissions goals, and reduces the money we send out of state to pay for oil. It’s a good investment in much so that generous donors kicked off this campaign with $50,000. Match their gift and help us get to $100,000. 

Sample Title: Get Weatherization Tips Right In Your Inbox

Sample Post:

A lot of things are uncertain right now. Cold weather isn't one of them. Button Up season is here and there are free, online events every week to help you identify what projects are best for your home. You can find them at

And if you want the latest Button Up opportunities delivered right to your inbox, including opportunities to win prizes, like smart thermostats, hop on the Button Up Newsletter:

Post to social media

Throughout the campaign, we'll be posting content on the Button Up Facebook page. You can share it with your friends. Who do you know in your community who has a lot of followers? Would they share it if you asked?

Put up posters

If there's a good spot to put up a poster, consider printing these and posting them. If you have an idea for a custom poster, we might be able to make it for you. Just let us know.


Got an idea of your own? Grab the logo and have fun! Just please stick within the brand guidelines. If you need any help, just let us know.


Haven't signed up yet? You can bring Button Up Vermont to your community in 2020.

Community leaders like you are the heart of Button Up Vermont, helping your neighbors keep their dollars in your community, have more comfortable, healthy homes, and reduce emissions. Read about this year's campaign, running from mid-September to mid-November. We hope you'll join us.

How will you help your neighbors?

We are building several opportunities for Vermonters to consider DIY projects or a whole home weatherization. We also want to support your innovative ideas. What would convince your neighbors to set aside a weekend to do some DIY projects? How could you get them to schedule an appointment with a constractor? Let us know what you need and we'll try to help you out.

We're offering these opportunities that you can share with your neighbors:

  • Free Home Energy Visits: if you sign up your town this year, any resident can sign up for a free, virtual home energy visit, while appointments are available.
  • Weatherization Wednesdays: a Wedneday online series hosted by many Vermont organizations featuring trivia, Q&As, DIY-videos, and tips for weatherization.
  • Regional Weatherization Trainings: Regional Planning Commissions will host custom Step Up to Button Up Webinars with special information for your communities. This is a great opportunity to combine forces and support an online activity for your neighbors.
  • Button Up Campaign: working with the Vermont Community Foundation, we've established a way to donate to weatherization projects for low income Vermonters. Invite your neighbors to support energy and financial security in Vermont.

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Anyone who may be volunteering or coordinating Button Up efforts that we should have contact information for.