Air Seal and Insulate Your Attic Hatch

Air Seal and Insulate Your Attic Hatch

Person watching their heat and money slip through their uninsulated attic hatch.


Attic hatches can be a HUGE source of heat loss in a typical Vermont home. Hatches are often not air sealed, allowing warm air to transfer between your living space and the attic. In addition, attic hatches are often constructed from thin wood or drywall, which does not prevent heat loss. All the heat that you pay for goes to waste when it leaks through your attic hatch!

You can build an air tight, well insulated attic hatch in just a few hours by weather-stripping around the edges to create a tight seal, and attaching at least 6 inches of rigid insulation to the hatch panel. Grab all of this at your hardware store.

The EPA provides a great resource for attic hatches and everything else up there. And here's a video to help get you on your way. If you have any questions, call cusomter support at Efficiency Vermont: 888-921-5990.

Insulating your attic hatch is a DIY Home Weatherization project that qualifies for a $100 rebate from Efficiency Vermont when you do three – so save your receipts! Check out other DIY options