Don't be the non ENERGY STAR you

When purchasing an LED, look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo on the packaging. The ENERGY STAR label guarantees quality, performance, and efficiency. Bulbs that are not ENERGY STAR certified do not meet the high standards for brightness, color, energy use, and lifetime rating. High quality ENERGY STAR LEDs are readily available at retailers throughout Vermont and are more affordable than ever, making this a great time to upgrade. 

Be cautious of LEDs that haven’t earned ENERGY STAR certification. Low quality non-certified bulbs may be cheaper at the register, but you may find that they flicker, shift in color, look dim, have uneven light the longer you use them, and shorter life spans. LED bulbs that have earned the ENERGY STAR certification meet high performance standards and ensure the bulbs will perform as expected. For example: ENERGY STAR bulbs will cast light in a broad range, like the light of a general purpose incandescent bulb. Non-certified bulbs may not meet this simple criteria.

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