Help Your Neighbors

Let's work together to help you and your neighbors use less energy to heat and cool your homes.

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Bring Button Up to your community

Button Up Champ ★

You: Team up with a few neighbors to host two community engagement activities between September and December, such as:

  • Organize a skill workshop.
  • Help neighbors make easy upgrades.
  • Table at a public event.
  • Lead an efficient home tour.
  • Any way you can think to help people use less energy. Find some inspiration here.

We: Help you get the word out with ads in your local newspaper and Facebook. You'll also be able to email with organizers in other communities to share ideas. And we'll send you information and free products to give away. Your group could also apply for additional funding to get your idea going.

Button Up Hero ★★★

You: Bring the Weatherize initiative to your town. Get the details on the program and invite homeowners to sign up. They'll receive a free home visit from a contractor to discuss options and a report on available savings, cost of work, and payback periods.

We: Get you trained on the program and take care of the follow up with contractors and homeowners once you get them signed up, making sure they make it through the weatherization process and get an upgrade in comfort and affordability.

Are you in? Fill in this form, start thinking about what you might want to do this fall, and we'll send you details when it's time to register.